PPA results 

*Last updated 10/9/21

Past Results:

2020/2021 Racing Season: 
VIP: +95.47 units 

25/8/20 - 31/5/21
*June / July No selections - Winter)


VIP Members 2021 RESULTS:

January: +21.97u
February: +7.57u
March: -4.11u
April: +24.38u

May: +3.04u

*June / July harness only - Winter)
Harness June: +9.85u
Harness July: -6.87u
August: +29.72u
September: +26.81u

2021 Total: +112.44u
11.95% Profit On Turnover

504 bets - Average Bet size 1.87 units


Weekend Members 2021:
Jan: +14.79u
Feb: +12.15u
March: -5.6u
April: +16.89u

May: +11.60u

*June / July No selections - Winter)
August/September: +45.50u

2021 Total: +95.33 units

Harness Only 2020/2021:
+55.12 units @16.58% POT

*See sheet #2 in link for runners & monthly P/L

PPA VIP 2020/2021 Racing Season RESULTS:


Looking to receive daily tips for Spring 2021?

Pictured are our Spring 2021 results broken down per package. We pride ourselves on achieving high profit results during high quality racing periods such as the Spring carnival.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 10.20.55 am.png

If you are seeking any further results please feel free to email us at 

PPA commenced as a private member service October 17th 2018.

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