Many of our members ask regular questions about staking and why we using a staking method rather than just going on general confidence. Staking is a great way of measuring our success, and keeping track of our overall wins and losses, it is also a structured process of betting to help eliminate larger losses or wiped bankrolls which can often be associated with betting.

What is the PPA Staking plan?

We use a specific staking plan which is tailored to our selections to ensure long term profitability. We use the term 'Units' and the units are structured from a combination of our confidence and the current odds of the horse.

If I see a 1 unit bet, does it mean you're not as confident as a 3 unit bet?

Not always, our units are a combination of the horse confidence and the odds as mentioned above, or the 'value' of the horse. The reason we put comments with our selections is for you to gauge our how confidence and why we have selected the horse. Let me give you an example on where we may use odds as the guide for staking rather than confidence.

1 unit x $6 odds = 6 unit return (5 unit profit)

3 unit x $2 odds = 6 unit return (3 unit profit)

We will often bet to return 6-10 units. this is all part of our long term plan of sustained profits. This is a trialled and tested method for us and a huge part of why we always TTP (Trust the Process) Whilst in the above instance it may seem that we are a lot more confident with the 3 unit stake, the 1 unit stake will in fact return a bigger profit than the 3 unit bet, however, we don't have to risk as many units to get the same return. This is information that will likely be new to a lot of you.

If we think we have a big edge over the market (Rate a horse $4 but we are being offered $6-$7) We will often bet up to secure a bigger return if it does win. The bigger the edge, the more profit we desire.

How do I work out how much to stake?

There are a couple of ways to do this, there is no right or wrong, it is something to carefully consider before committing to betting or following tipsters, but for the most simple way to follow, choose a dollar amount that you can afford to bet consistently (or lose) and attach it to a unit.

e.g The value amount is completely up to you. (Keep it within a range of what you can afford, effective bankroll management is VERY important)


For simplicity, lets use the example of If you chose $10 as your unit amount.

1 unit bet = $10.

2 unit bet = $20

3 unit bet = $30

and so on.

On any give day, If we were to outlay 10 units in total, then you would outlay $100 for the day.

When reviewing our results, if we made 5 units profit for the week, it would mean a $10 unit bettor would have made $50 for the week, this is provided that you got the odds at the time of email being sent out, quite often you can get better than what we mention using boosts and Betfair. We recommended opening the email as soon as you receive it to ensure you get the best chance at the odds quoted, and bet accordingly.

What is the max unit outlay PPA will have in a day?

Generally weekdays its no more than 12 unit outlay in a day, on Saturdays we are happy to bet up to 30 units, however it will mainly be between the 18 and 30 unit mark on Saturdays, and generally is 2-6 units on a mid week day. Take this into account when choosing your unit amount, if you choose to bet this way.

How much Bankroll should I have?

The general recommendation is having 100 units in your bankroll to begin. One option is to keep your unit sizes the same throughout. A more conservative approach is to decrease or increase the unit amount with each bet, so that 1 unit is 1% of your bankroll. This capitalises on the wins when you have good runs, but also is a safer way when going through cool periods as it can protect the bank roll as it gets smaller during losing runs. There are several options and ways of staking, these are the two most common and its something you should research to see what is the best fit for you personally.


Things to think about: When staking a dollar amount per unit, if you choose to keep the same units no matter the bankroll size, whilst it is possible you could lose your entire 100 unit bankroll, it would generally need to be an extremely poor run too see a 100 unit downward swing. There are no guarantees, after all it is punting, anything can happen, so if you are conservative, lower your unit amount or start with more units in the bank roll!


Going on historic results, we have not yet been near a down swing of 100 units which would wipe us out completely. Our biggest swing was approximately -55 units from our peak, however within a couple weeks we had won it all back and some.

Most members at this point were well and truly in the green, so it was more a case of chipping into  their positive bankroll. However if a member was unfortunate enough to have their first day on this downward swing, it would be possible they were -55 units before beginning to rebuild. These are the risks and this is a great example of the importance of bigger bankroll starting point by betting smaller units.


There will be some big swings along the way. Both winning and losing. We HIGHLY recommend only betting what you can afford to lose. If it becomes a problem and you begin chasing profits or it no longer is enjoyable it is important to seek help. Using responsible bankroll management is the most important thing you can do with betting.

If I see a 5 unit max stake should I go all in?

Absolutely not. Whilst a 5 unit bet does mean we are extremely confident, it doesn't mean its not a regular horse in a regular race. There are many varying factors in a horse race, many of which can cause a selection we are very confident on to still lose. Race speed, missing a jump, poor jockey ride, getting stuck in a pocket etc etc can all be contributing factors, there is no such thing as a 'Sure Thing'.

Any other questions regarding staking, please email me at pro@propunteralert.com

In Pro We Trust 🙏🏼

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