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Welcome to the PRO PUNTER ALERT website.


PRO PUNTER ALERT provides advice on potential betting opportunities of various sports and shares their advice exclusively with its members.


The content of PRO PUNTER ALERT’s website and services is protected by Australian and International Copyright Laws and all brands, images, trademarks and names are copyright of their respective owners.

Reference to “you”, “your” or the “customer” is reference to any person who is a member of the services of PRO PUNTER ALERT.

PRO PUNTER ALERT will often use humour in its delivery of messages, alerts and delivery of services. PRO PUNTER ALERT means no offence in any way by the delivery of such humour.

You must not use the PRO PUNTER ALERT’s website or services for the purpose of communicating, transmitting, posting or uploading any material that infringes on any rights of PRO PUNTER ALERT, including but not limited to intellectual property, to a third party.


You must be over the age of 18 years old to register and use this website. PRO PUNTER ALERT may, at any time, revoke your membership should it have any reason to believe that a member is not of age.

PRO PUNTER ALERT provides a variety of membership options, which will vary from time to time (this includes, but is not limited to, costs and frequency of alerts).

The website is 18+ only. Gamble responsibly.


PRO PUNTER ALERT wants its members to be in control of their gambling.

PRO PUNTER ALERT does in no way condone or advocate for irresponsible gambling.

If you need support, information or advice, visit https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/ 

Your use of PRO PUNTER ALERT’s information, website and its services is, at all times, entirely at your own risk. The tips are carefully researched and provided with the best of intentions, but are for entertainment purposes only. PRO PUNTER ALERT is in no way liable for any type of loss incurred by you. Due to this risk you should only ever bet an amount you are prepared to lose.

PRO PUNTER ALERT’s past performance is no guarantee of future results and your own results will vary depending on the bookmaker, tote and betting exchange prices.


PRO PUNTER ALERT’s tips and advice are provided with no guarantee of profit. The use of PRO PUNTER ALERT’s  services is at the sole discretion of the purchaser or investor and PRO PUNTER ALERT is not liable for any consequential losses, damages, or costs suffered as a result of its information/services.


PRO PUNTER ALERT does not accept responsibility for network, computer hardware or software failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the provision of PRO PUNTER ALERT’s services.


Any advice or services provided by PRO PUNTER ALERT on any sport is done so when the opportunity arises. PRO PUNTER ALERT does not accept any liability for the alteration of odds/totes by third parties which are different from the original odds/totes provided by PRO PUNTER ALERT.


PRO PUNTER ALERT reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of its membership service. Members will be notified through their provided account details of any amended changes. If at any time members do not agree to the amended terms and conditions, they should immediately cancel their membership. Accordingly membership, and relevant membership fees, will continue otherwise and members will be deemed to have agreed to any amendments.


If any provision or part-provision of these terms and conditions are or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed amended to the minimum extent necessary to ensure its validity, legality and enforceability.


If such amendment is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deleted.


Direct Debit / payment of membership fees

PRO PUNTER ALERT only accepts payments in AUD$.

Direct debits may be taken out on a regular basis or as required pending the membership option selected by a user.

Any applicable administrative charges for Direct Debit is to be paid for by the member. Any administrative charges will be discharged at the time of purchase of membership.

If, for any reason, a direct debit payment fails to credit our account, the membership will be put on hold until payment resumes or another payment method is used.

Late Payment Fee: it is the member’s responsibility to ensure cleared funds are available in their nominated bank account or credit card to meet the direct debit payment. If a debit is returned unpaid by the member’s financial institution, the member will be responsible for payment of the debit plus an additional $15.00 for return fees and administrative costs incurred by PRO PUNTER ALERT. If PRO PUNTER ALERT has not received instruction to the contrary from the member, the PRO PUNTER ALERT will debit both the next due payment and any overdue amounts on your next scheduled debit date.



Any member seeking a refund must write to PRO PUNTER ALERT with reasons for the request.


PRO PUNTER ALERT will determine the outcome of each refund request on a case by case basis.


PRO PUNTER ALERT has complete discretion to refuse any request for a refund.




PRO PUNTER ALERT is involved in a number of performance based advertising and referral programs. PRO PUNTER ALERT in no way receives free products or services by any of these companies that are advertised on PRO PUNTER ALERT’s website.


These advertising and referral programs help PRO PUNTER ALERT earn advertising fees by linking customers to a third-party website.


PRO PUNTER ALERT is happy to clarify any questions regarding this, so if you have any please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


PPA Platinum Package- Summer


Unit Profit Insurance:


PRO PUNTER ALERT, for a limited time, is providing a package titled ‘PPA Platinum Package- Summer’ which has a 1 month ‘Unit Profit Insurance’ attached.


The PPA Platinum Package- Summer is a three-month package that runs from 2 December 2019 until 29 February 2020. Subscription opportunities for this package will be open from 2 December 2019 until 10 December 2019.


PRO PUNTER ALERT will provide the month of March 2020 at no further subscription cost of the PPA Platinum Package- Summer to all subscribers of that package, if the package after the three-month duration, does not make a unit profit. Effectively giving subscribers four months for the cost of three.


This Unit Profit Guarantee Package covers all suggested units from the following packages;


  • Hitty's Best Bets


PRO PUNTER ALERT records the results of the this PPA Platinum- Summer Package and will email those results to all subscribers of the package.

PRO PUNTER ALERT calculates units for packages using the suggested odds from either top tote plus (TT+) or fixed odds at the recommended price. Top tote plus covers SP ‘Starting Price’ PRO PUNTER ALERT uses fixed odds that are obtainable with at least two betting agencies sent at the time of the email. PRO PUNTER ALERT acknowledges that not all members will be able to achieve the odds recommended at the time of the email being sent, as they are subject to change from the bookmaker.


This Unit Profit Guarantee Package is not valid for monthly recurring debit members or any other package offered by PRO PUNTER ALERT, other than the 3 month upfront Platinum Package- Summer.

Privacy Policy


PRO PUNTER ALERT manages personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy which is accessible on the PRO PUNTER ALERT website through the following link: https://www.propunteralert.com/privacy-policy

Termination of Membership


PRO PUNTER ALERT reserves the right to exclude any member or cancel any membership they deem not to be adhering to any of these terms and conditions.

If a membership is cancelled by the member or PRO PUNTER ALERT prior to the end of the term of the membership, the member is liable to pay the fees payable for the balance of the term to PRO PUNTER ALERT, and the member specifically authorises for this amount to be processed immediately upon termination by way of direct debit. 


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing the PRO PUNTER ALERT website, and/or purchasing a membership, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree in full to be bound by these terms and conditions.


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